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Achieving Transformational Change

We've found that to truly help people find their authentic self so they can thrive in life and work, we need to offer them services unique to their needs. This is why our coaching services are bespoke; as unique as you. Yes, the structure we use is similar for each person, but if you're looking for coaching that truly moulds to your needs then you're in the right place.

We currently offer 2 options for one to one coaching; a one-off coaching session, designed for people who just want support on an ad-hoc basis, whenever they encounter a challenge on their independent route to finding themself, or a comprehensive VIP service that will truly transform your life.

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Our Programs


Momentum Coaching

This ad-hoc coaching session will give you the boost you're looking for.


Using a blend of psychological techniques we tailor your session to your needs, defined completely by your goal, and the obstacles you want to overcome.


Perfect as a taster to coaching, or as an accompaniment to additional personal development investments, this session will leave you feeling motivated, focused, and determined to achieve your goal. It'll also enlighten you as to how you can better support yourself moving forwards.


We then act as an accountability partner to help you execute your plan and make sure you have everything you need to continue your journey beyond our session.


Finding Me VIP

Transformational change awaits when you enrol on our Finding Me VIP program.

Using our Finding Me Framework we help you dig into what you truly want so that you can align your life and work to your unconscious desires (once you know what they are!).


We then empower you to act and build determination to overcome what’s stopping you from finding your authentic self, and support you to execute your bullet-proof plan to achieve the goals that will transform your life and work. 


 As a result you step into a more authentic version of yourself and as a consequence you achieve an abundance of happiness, and life and work satisfaction.

Our Happy Clients

"I was going through a difficult time, feeling quite anxious about things that I never used to. It was frustrating and impacting my performance at work, and my relationships at home. So I knew something had to change.


I decided to invest in coaching rather than counselling because I like how coaching focuses on the future and is very action orientated. I was hoping it would empower me to take control of my situation and it did. I left feeling listened to, heard, and understood, with a greater understanding of my anxiety and how to manage it. The impact my anxiety has had on my life has definitely reduced because of the sessions I had."


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