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Welcome to SJS Coaching Services

A coaching service providing specialist support to help millennials find their authentic self so that they thrive in life and work. Providing bespoke coaching services, client's leave feeling satisfied, having achieved an abundance of happiness, and life and work satisfaction, but best of all, they know they won't live with the regret that they lived a life that wasn’t true to who they are; the number 1 regret people record having.

Step Into Our World

Established in 2019, SJS Coaching Services has been helping people make meaningful changes to their life and work so that they can thrive instead of just survive through times of continuous change. Prior to this it's founder, Stacey O'Callaghan, worked extensively with people and businesses, helping them achieve their unique goals both as a Strategic Business Analyst within the corporate sector and as an Allied Health Professional in Mental Health services. With over 15 years experience Stacey is a distinction accredited Personal Performance Coach, Corporate Executive Coach, and Cognitive Behaviour Therapist with extensive background in mindset and behaviour change, emotional intelligence and effective communication, leadership and change, career development, and life enhancement coaching. She is the ideal person to support you in your journey into self-discovery so that you can find your authentic self and thrive in life and work.


Working with Stacey goes beyond the goal you're working on. When you work together you're committing to transformational change. This is because we use a blend of psychological techniques to empower you to own and adjust your behaviour, so you feel confident to take meaningful actions to make your goals your reality. This not only improves your quality of life in the short term but it means you'll have a fulfilled life in the long term, decreasing stress, and increasing your longevity of life. So, ask yourself: 


  • Are you fed-up with living by other people’s expectations and definitions of success because you don't know your own?

  • Do you want to take back control and find your authentic self so you can stop feeling disillusioned, dissatisfied, discontent and disconnected? 

  • Are you ready to stop letting your "shoulds" and limiting beliefs dictate your life and start putting yourself first and what you really want first?

If you answered YES to any of the above, it's time to take action. If you don't change, nothing changes. We can help you make the change that matters. 

Things We Help Our Clients With


Finding your true authentic self


Increasing your confidence and self-worth


Finding yourself in or after a relationship


Identifying and pursuing a satisfying career


Aligning all areas of your life for ultimate happiness


Loving and accepting the person you truly are


Finding your identity within leadership


Creating and sustaining new healthy habits


Finding your voice and communicating assertively


Overcoming significant and/or unexpected changes 

Are you living a life that allows you to be true to who you really are?


More people say "no" to this question than "yes." Are you one of these people?


We help people say "hell yes!" to this question, but because everyone wants different things, how you achieve this "hell yes!" differs too. This is why our approach to helping you achieve this is bespoke to your needs. It's built on the principles of life enhancement coaching and therapeutic techniques which helps you breakdown your unconscious desires and align your values and beliefs to overcome your blockers and reduce the impact of your maladaptive behaviours, significantly increasing your ability to find your authentic self and achieve your definition of success. But not only will we help you do this in the here and now, we’ll also teach you the techniques you need to be able to self-coach yourself in the future, so you can overcome anything else that comes your way, something that is unique to us and our approach to supporting you.

You are the most valuable investment you will ever make. Working with an accountability partner is proven to get you there quicker and with lasting impact. We'll cheer you on whilst challenging you to take actions that push you outside your comfort zone, encouraging you to commit 100% to yourself fast-tracking your journey to success, supporting you to push aside the things that have been getting in your way to date. 

Ask a Question

Have you ever had a question about how to overcome something in your personal or professional life but didn't know who to ask? 

Well now you do.

This form allows you to ask us anything, no strings attached. 

Send your question and we'll reply within 48 one will ever know you asked it. 

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