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Welcome to SJS Coaching Services Blog

Welcome to my blog, where I’ll be sharing tools, tips, techniques and stories that will help you on your way to finding your authentic self so that you can thrive in life and work.

Cup in foreground, journal and pen in background

I’ll be using this space to be open and honest with my own experiences, whilst sharing real tools that I know will help you moving forwards. Expect to see me sharing:


·        Personal experiences

·        Shared experiences

·        Light-bulb moments

·        Psychological insights

·        Exercises

·        Mindset shifts

·        How to guides


And much more.


If you don’t want to miss my latest instalment subscribe to receive them straight to your inbox; or join my community where I’ll share them with you during our live discussions and newsletters.


Thank you for being here and if you know anyone who you think would also be interested in hearing what I have to say, please invite them to join us. I believe in the Ripple Effect so the more people who become a part of this community, the better. Don’t let it be the best kept secret online!

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