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My favourite way to reflect on the year

Updated: Jun 12

Reflection often forms a part of our thinking as we come to the end of the year. But what’s my favourite way to reflect on the year gone by? I share all in this month’s blog.

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One of the most important steps on the journey to finding your authentic self is reflection. Why? Well without being present and reflecting on events, activities and experiences, how will you learn what you like/don’t like?


Without reflection we fail to acknowledge how far we’ve come; the lessons we’ve learned along the way and the steps we’ve taken to achieve the things we’ve achieved. I always use this time of the year to reflect on the year I've just had. To think about the happy memories made, the things I enjoyed doing and the things I didn’t find so fun. It's a great opportunity to practise gratitude and really embrace the year and what happened in it.


I spend one evening in December doing this, under a blanket with a hot chocolate, and these are my favourite end of year reflection questions:


·        What did I enjoy most about this year?

·        What am I most grateful for this year?

·        What would I like to do more of next year?

So, as we head into the final few weeks of the year, take the time to answer these questions. Use them to look back on the year with happiness and inform your plans for the coming year; do more of what you enjoyed and less of what you didn’t. See the difference it makes.

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