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One to One Coaching

We currently offer 2 options for one to one bespoke coaching; a one-off coaching session, designed to help you achieve a goal you have struggled with for some time, or a comprehensive coaching package that will help you truly transform your life.


Momentum Coaching

A one-off coaching session, ideal for working on a specific goal, or if you're looking for an accountability partner to help you execute your plan. It's also perfect for you if you have never experienced coaching before or if you're using coaching as an accompaniment to other personal development investments.


VIP Coaching

Using our signature Finding Me Framework we spend 3 months together taking a deep-dive into who you really are and what it would really take for you to become you, and action the bullet-proof plan so that you step into your authentic self and thrive in life and work.

Our Happy Clients

"I recently worked with Stacey because I didn't know who I was. I had no idea what I wanted from my life and no clue how to figure it out. I'd spent my life doing as I was told, not considering whether it was what I actually wanted and I guess this serviced me well because I ended up being successful, or at least other people told me I was successful. I had the career, a partner and a home but something was missing. I wasn't happy. And I felt guilty for that.


I'd never experienced coaching before but a friend of mine had and said it would help, so I took a risk and gave it a go. Best decision I ever made. I can't tell you how much my life has changed. Now I actually know who I am and what I want and I feel confident in my ability to direct my life in the way I want rather than listening to everyone else. Betting on yourself really does change things."


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